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Glare & Heat Control Films



The New Generation of these Films will reduce up to 65 % of the Suns Heat from entering your Home. They are available in Clear & Soft Blue Tones.

So they won't distract from your Views.


When you consider that standard double pane windows let in Appx. 240 watts of heat per Square foot. And even the So-called lowE family of double pain glass lets in Appx. 160 watts per square foot. Doesn't it make sense to cut that by 50 or even 65%??  Just think of how much that would cut your High electric Bills??  Even in the winter months Our Films prevent Heat-Loss by 15%, Giving you Year-Round savings on your Utility costs.


As Much as we all love the Arizona Sunshine. It isn't well suited to watching TV or using the Computer. These High Quality Films are designed to Let light in, But to soften the harsh Brightness causing Glare. Just as we would never think of being outside without sunglasses. Our home needs it's own form of Sun Glasses too.


Ultraviolet light is the leading cause of fading & deterioration of our home Furnishings. Doesn't it make sense to protect your home by cutting out 99 % of this Damaging UV Light?


We've all seen the Horrors of Bubbling film on Cars. Poor quality Film's As well as Inexperienced installer's are the leading cause of peeling & bubbling of films. Our Installers are all experienced in the installation of these high quality films. To further protect you, Our films come with a life-time manufactures warranty against peeling, bubbling & fading. To protect you even more there's the added benefit of a warranty against glass damage & seal failure to your windows. And installation is only done by State licensed Contractors to protect you.


No Problem, Our Films are designed for use on Today's dual pane Windows. And are warranted against causing damage to the glass or the Seal.

To Learn more about the benefits & to see Samples in your Home.


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